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Is Jy Tussen?

We live in stressful times…Jobs are few… Epidemics are everywhere…Life as we all knew it has changed. 

Many of my friends in the industry have all succumbed a lot earlier than I thought because they believed they were living healthy lives and that their time would last a lot longer.

I wondered why did I survive and they didn’t and I realised it was because I changed the way I live. I looked to the lives of our ancestors and noticed that they had healthier lives because they lived traditionally from the land and honoured the products of our soil in Africa. 

Drinking water did more for my health than I could ever imagine. This is the main reason for launching my own brand of Drinking Water in partnership with Lavendus Water and 187 Group

I invite you to try my water, I am sure you will agree it is the best tasting water on the market and you will get to experience the joy of Africa the way our ancestors did many years ago     

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