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What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a pH level above 7. In some cases, manufacturers use a special device to change the chemical makeup of the water.

Other times, they add nutrients to the water to change its pH. For comparison, orange juice has a pH of 3.3 and black coffee is about a 5. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7

Ionized vs Natural Alkaline Water?

In nature, water flows down mountain streams or many meters of ground and picks up alkaline minerals from the porous rock through which it runs, affecting its pH and making it naturally alkaline. Nothing more is done to the water to make it "alkaline". Lavendus Water is sourced this way

Other companies use machines that make water alkaline though something called ionization or electrolysis. During electrolysis, water ionizers split apart water molecules with electricity to artificially create alkaline water.


Tap water is usually used as a source forIONIZED water and is run over platinum and titanium plates which causes the exchange of ions that make the water more alkaline in its pH.

Is Alkaline Water Healthy?

The body’s ability to maintain its pH balance is critical: Most people’s bodies are, in fact, acidic at the cellular level.


The rationale for drinking alkaline water is that it will correct this imbalance: Holes can be poked in this theory. For one, the real cause of excess acidity at the cellular level is a deficiency of actual alkalinizing or alkaline reserve minerals. These minerals are what you are born with and what comes from your diet.


Despite what seems obvious, drinking artificially alkaline water fails to replace these vital minerals: Consuming it actually depletes them by making the body think that it is alkaline, causing it to release reserve alkaline minerals through the blood and kidneys, and ultimately making the person deficient in the end.


Alkaline water machines replace the good minerals with small amounts of platinum and titanium found in the plates the water runs over in the ionization process.


All water in nature has a pH that correlates to the minerals in the water. When you consume alkaline water, the body is under the impression that it is receiving alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium.


 Thus, when the body encounters ionized water, it believes it is receiving more alkaline minerals than what is actually present in the water, causing it to deplete it's own mineral reserves and potentially resulting in a mineral deficiency.


Essentially, ionized or alkalined water = a "synthetic" pH = missing minerals = depletion of one's own mineral reserves.


Since Lavendus Water is Naturally Alkaline, the consumption of our water is safer as opposed to IONIZED Alkaline Water.   

Does Alkaline Water Affect my Metabolism?

The balance between acids and bases is essential for the normal development of our metabolism, which develops in a slightly alkaline environment.


When this balance is altered, a degree of alkalosis or metabolic acidosis can be established. In contemporary society we are particularly exposed to metabolic acidosis which is often caused by bad eating habits (scarce fruit and vegetables, excess of meat and cheese), alcohol and smoking, sedentary life, physical and mental stress, drug intake and an unbalanced intestinal flora.


The body has several "buffer systems" that allow it to counteract metabolic acidosis, but in some cases (excessive acid production, advanced age and hormonal changes in menopausal women) make them work less efficiently .


For this reason, an emergency system of the body intervenes by taking mineral salts from the bones, and restoring the right acid-base balance.


However, this procedure weakens the bone, so over time, the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures increases.


Drinking natural alkaline mineral water can help the body restore the pH balance value by reducing the risk of resorting to the emergency system that weakens the bone

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