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Does Alkaline Water Affect my Metabolism?

Zubair Hassen

14 Apr 2021

Boost your metabolism with the right kind of water

The balance between acids and bases is essential for the normal development of our metabolism, which develops in a slightly alkaline environment.


When this balance is altered, a degree of alkalosis or metabolic acidosis can be established. In contemporary society we are particularly exposed to metabolic acidosis which is often caused by bad eating habits (scarce fruit and vegetables, excess of meat and cheese), alcohol and smoking, sedentary life, physical and mental stress, drug intake and an unbalanced intestinal flora.


The body has several "buffer systems" that allow it to counteract metabolic acidosis, but in some cases (excessive acid production, advanced age and hormonal changes in menopausal women) make them work less efficiently .


For this reason, an emergency system of the body intervenes by taking mineral salts from the bones, and restoring the right acid-base balance.


However, this procedure weakens the bone, so over time, the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures increases.


Drinking natural alkaline mineral water can help the body restore the pH balance value by reducing the risk of resorting to the emergency system that weakens the bone

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