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The Journey Towards Empowering Our Rural Communities

Despite the great diversity of South Africa, one resource that spans its multiple and varied realities is the human potential that can be raised through development programs to meet local needs. However, an overwhelming proportion of our rural citizens, many of whom are economically disadvantaged, remain largely untapped.

The mobilization and participation of low-income rural residents has potential far beyond simply helping deliver existing services through a larger the pool of prospective volunteer programs or Government led projects.

Low-income residents and leaders can help organizations develop locally relevant, driven solutions that address critical needs required all across the country, if they are given the opportunity to do so. It is with this vision in mind that Lavendus Water has employed a strategy to build community cohesion and resilience, through a defined program of developing rural youth to connect to the essential resources, skills, and services needed to firstly survive and then thrive.

At the core of this model is a set of 6 key pillars. These concepts were identified as critical success factors in promoting development within low-income rural communities to build and sustain effective partnerships between the established urbanised formal economy and of the rural informal economy.

The 6 pillars of our model are as follows:

The Lavendus Journey in developing this model is still relatively new in establishing the structures necessary. However, the analysis we’ve done on surrounding local communities has been extremely humbling when we compare life’s conveniences afforded through technology and infrastructure in the urban environment to what is present in these rural communities.

For most of the youth in these communities, a simple convenience such as water obtained from a tap is sufficient enough to make a move towards the city and prospects for a better life. However, most of them are ill equipped from a skills perspective nor have experience to any of the technological infrastructure that we take for granted every day.

For all South Africans, this remains a challenge that unfortunately has never been addressed adequately enough in our country. Right now The 4Th industrial revolution is a buzz word that is foreign to people in Rural Communities whilst they still grapple with constraints that emanate from the 1st Industrial Revolution.

Our goal as company in these rural communities, is not to give handouts which promulgate dependence from others but rather to empower the youth from a Grassroots level to new era where they can develop and become a mainstream component within the forthcoming 4th Industrial Revolution. Our doors are open to anyone who is willing to make a difference and protect our future as a nation to assist us in helping these communities prosper.

Your time or Your knowledge or Your Skill are sorely needed to prevent another wave of people that will be otherwise doomed to becoming casualties of the automated mechanisation caused through the forthcoming digital age.

All volunteers are encouraged to reach out to us at info@lavenduswater.co.za and help us save our Future.

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