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Ubuntu... The Jakarumba Way

It is truly said that ‘a disrespectful person never earns respect for himself. Respect for elders is one of the most important characteristics of any culture. This can be seen in all its glory across many nations around the world and the African Continent. Yet, in South Africa it has become one of the fastest disappearing values in our rainbow nation.

Sadly today in South Africa, there are many young adults and teenagers who think that that the world didn't exist prior to them getting connected to cyber space via Social Media. They ignore the plight of our elders in our communities and live with the attitude, that their lives are more important than those who came before them. Their motto for life "It is our time NOW!"

Lavendus Water held a Jakarumba Product Promotion on the 11th Dec 2021 at the Baragwanath Taxi Rank in Soweto. Our stand was located at an area where Taxi's pass through picking up and dropping off passengers in a continuous flow.

Celebrity Stalwart Jakarumba was present at the stand, promoting his line of Alkaline Water produced by Lavendus Water.

Whilst he was promoting his water, a taxi pulled up alongside and he noticed an elderly lady who had a crutch and many parcels to carry. He noticed as she struggled to disembark from the vehicle and immediately went to her assistance, leaving his younger fans and helping the old woman to disembark and started carrying her parcels off the taxi. For the next 30 mins he walked with her carrying her parcels to her next destination.

He returned as per normal and resumed his duties to help promote his water to the public. Even though he remains one of our nation's most decorated music celebrities, Jakarumba demonstrated a level of humility and respect that was well above his superstar status.

As people, we generally tend to idolise the material aspects of a celebrity's lifestyle but we often overlook or ignore the goodness and humanity of their character.

Jakarumba proved to the entire Lavendus team and all his fans, that no matter what your station or success is in life, you are not above being a good human and helping those in need.

As a company that promotes the building of our nation, we cannot ignore the reminder that Jakarumba gave us on the basics of humanity and respect. We have been so moved by his actions that we have decided to issue a challenge to all our loyal supporters to post their pictures of helping the elderly on our social media channels.

The winning pictures will each receive an autographed box of Jakarumba Water as well as a gift voucher for the elderly person they are helping. Lets us join hands and rebuild this beautiful country of ours by starting with the wisdom of our elderly people. Please post pictures on our instagram or facebook accounts (search for "Lavenduswater")

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