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6 Pack Alkaline water

6 Pack Alkaline water

SKU: 364215375135191

Lavendus Natural Alkaline  Mineral Water is naturally alkaline with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes. Our Source is closely connected to the Crocodile River very far away from any polluted surroundings. 

It's naturally filtered through 100 m of ground  which enhances it with a blend of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium before finally emerging at the source as delicious Traditional Alkaline Water. 

Lavendus Water is naturally alkaline, not lab-treated like other waters, and stands out among the rest on sustainable and ethical initiatives where we contribute 20% of our gross production cost towards helping rural communities across South Africa.  

Naturally alkaline water has a chemical makeup that is vastly different from artificially alkaline water. Artificially alkaline water has undergone a process they call ionization or electrolysis to "trick" the water into thinking it has a certain pH, but possesses none of the minerals that are responsible for the health benefits of naturally alkaline water.

Our mission is to sustainably provide healthy and delicious Rural sourced water with as little environmental impact as possible, while contributing to and promoting rural development to people in need throughout South Africa. We put people and the planet before profit.

- Sleeved  bottle ensuring easier recycling 
- Consumption of Lavendus Water does not deprive the consumers body of the minerals its needs unlike  artificial IONIZED alkaline water
- 20% of the  net profits is donated to rural development across South Africa 
- Certified Halaal by SANHA (S-1781) 
- Packaged in recycled Shrink wrap reducing reliance on plastic 
- Lavendus Water is  sourced from virginal surroundings...not recycled Municipal water
- 6 x 500ml bottles  
- Calcium  48mg
- Magnesium   2mg
- Potassium  <0.5 mg
- Chlorine      <2 mg
- Sulphate <2 mg
- Calcium Carbonate 140mg
- Sodium 5 mg
- Flourine <0.2
- Iron <25 mg
- Aluminium <100mg 
- Total Dissolved Solids 116 
- pH 8.4 - 9 






Product/Packaging Information

Product Weight

14.0 kg

Product Dimensions

30cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 25cm(H)

Shipping Weight

14.0 kg

Shipping Dimensions

30cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 25cm(H)

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