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The Dream Lives On 

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From South Africa's Best loved Goalkeeper Brian Baloyi...
A healthier alternative to Tap Water

Lavendus Water is proud to bottle on behalf of Bafana Goalkeeper Brian Baloyi under his new brand SPYDR16.  Recognising the importance of proper hydration in an athletes performance, a superior quality of water was required to fulfil the high benchmark set by Brian Baloyi himself. He himself being a huge fan of Lavendus Water, he recognises the benefits associated to Lavendus Water when he consumes it.     

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Natural Alkaline Water that supports more than just your health 

Purchasing a bottle of SPYDR16 not only improves your health but it also supports many initiatives directed towards sports development and cancer research in South Africa through the Brian Baloyi Family Foundation  

Spydr16 Bottle Print

Does your favourite Bottle Water Brand have the guts to publish their health benefits on their Bottle 

Have a look at the back of a Lavendus Bottle and you will immediately notice the health benefits associated to consuming our Products. 

Take a look at the TDS level of our water and couple the value to a simple Google Search, the facts around the benefits of the minerals that come along with waters in that range will be enough to convince you that our more popular Competitors (Who use TAP WATER) to achieve high pH levels are not as healthy as they would like to claim over the long term. 

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